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Материалы: двунитка
Наполнитель: аэрофайбер
Окрас: кофе, акриловые краски
Просмотров: 8741 | Размеры: 469x709px/90.9Kb | Рейтинг: 5.0/1 | Дата: 19.10.2009 | Вдохновленная
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2 MrSubzero  
We bought this model in March, 2006. Lowes replaced it in July, 2006. The refrigerator side quit working last week. No one will work on Samsung around here. Now the ice maker quit working. After reading the other complaints I dont think Ill spend any money to get this fixed! How do we get any kind of refund? We paid cash for time we didnt charge, huh! Now Lowes wants me to find the returned check for March 2006!We also have experienced problems with the ice maker not working properly and the water dispenser does not dispense water as it should-very slow. We have to live with this problem as we cannot afford another 1700.00 to buy a new one. We will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another GE product of any kind, and I advise anyone else to stay away from GE refrigerators and appliances. No help from the company whatsoever.Mini 50 to 100 litres : perfect for your studio apartment or bachelor pad; just enough for one person to store the occasional can of beer and juices along with bare food items. These are really small, single door refrigerators.
<b>Which types of containers are best to store vegetables in, if not using a refrigerator?</b></br><p>carboard box?</p><p>what would be best and why so?</p><p>Thanks for your answers!</p>

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Another type of door that cannot meet the test for fire rating under NFPA 252 is the honeycomb core (hollow-core) wood door, commonly used in residential and business occupancies http://sandsand.site90.net. This door is made up of two thin veneers of wood http://stroitel.net16.net separated by a honeycomb of thin wood or fiberboard strips.
Photo 2 shows the construction of a slab door with a particle-board core. This type of door is made of a slab of particle board (wood fibers and adhesive) with a wood veneer glued to both faces. This type of door can meet the test for fire ratings up to one hour according to NFPA 252 and is frequently used in fire-rated assemblies in residential and business occupancies.
Photo 3 shows the construction of a wooden slab door with a gypsum (kalamein) core. This type of door appears similar to a slab door with a particle-board core except that the core is gypsum material like that used in drywall board. http://stroitelstvo.comlu.com This type of door can meet the test for higher levels of fire rating under NFPA 252 than the particle-board core. This door type is frequently used in fire-rated assemblies in schools, patient-care facilities, and commercial buildings. It is also manufactured of steel instead of wood veneer and is filled with gypsum material.
Some older kalamein doors had a core of asbestos cement instead of gypsum. Although the asbestos core is no longer used because of the health hazard of asbestos, many of these doors are still present in structures built before 1980.

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